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Manhattan Schoolhouse encourages a child’s learning through the Reggio Emilia approach to education. At MSH, this is brought to life in the following ways:

Hundred Languages Of Children Emergent Curriculum

Our curriculum builds upon the interests of children, revealed and expressed during their talk and play using the Hundred Languages available to him or her. MSH teachers observe, document, brainstorm and collaborate to create projects, determine materials needed, and create pathways for parent and community involvement.

Daily Documentation

Manhattan Schoolhouse teachers document their work with our children daily in order to create a detailed history of the work. This empowers us with dynamic insight into the children, which we use to create individual learning goals and strategies.

Environment As The Third Teacher

Children’s art, plants and collections are displayed both at the children’s and adult eye line to enrich and beautify our environment, as we celebrate effort and achievement of all levels.

Children, Parents & Teachers As Partners

All members of our learning community are partners, collaborators and advocates for our children. Teachers respect parents as each child’s first teacher and consistently engage them in the curriculum.

Teachers As Learners

The Manhattan Schoolhouse teacher is a learner alongside the children. The teacher is a researcher, a resource and guide. Teachers carefully listen, observe and document children’s work and the growth of community as they provoke, co-construct and stimulate thinking and collaboration.