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Starting school is such an exciting time for you and your child and we know that you likely have many questions about the process. We’ll answer the most-asked questions here, and are happy to speak with you to answer any others you have or to go into more detail about the ones below.

Are you a licensed daycare/preschool?

Yes, we are licensed by the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene/Bureau of Daycare (DOH).

What is your staff to child ratio?

Our staff to child ratio is 1:3 in the infant room, 1:5 in the toddler room and 1:10 or less in preschool.

What are the qualifications of your staff and are they screened?

Our preschool head teachers have all received a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, and all of our teachers have either a Masters, Bachelors, and/or Associates degree in Early Childhood Education.  Our teachers receive ongoing training and professional development to grow as caregivers and educators.

Every staff member is thoroughly vetted by fingerprint, background check and a rigorous interview process. All staff members are trained in C.P.R. and first aid.

What type of extracurricular activities do you provide?

In addition to our educational curriculum we also provide yoga, music, art, movement and foreign language.

How often do the children go outdoors?

Weather permitting, the children go out every day during the school year to nearby neighborhood parks.

Do you provide meals, and how often do the children eat?

Children receive school meals when they enter the toddler program. They eat three times a day: breakfast, lunch and snack.

The infant/explorers/inventors programs do not include meals. We understand that at this stage children are trying new foods at different times. We believe that new foods are best introduced by parents.

Are you a nut free school?

We are a nut aware daycare and preschool. Please check our Nut Aware Policy.

Do you provide potty training and/or does my child have to be potty trained to start?

Yes, your child must be potty trained in order to attend the Preschool. For younger children in our daycare program, it is not required. Potty training begins in our toddler program.

May I come by and visit my child at school during the day? May I call to inquire how he/she is doing?

Although parents are always welcomed to swing by and peek in during the day, visits inside the schools are not allowed. Your visit will create an expectation in your child that he or she is being picked up which will invariably cause an upset when your visit is over.  However, you may call as often as you like to inquire after your child. Please get to know your site director who will gladly take your call and update you on how your child is doing.

What is your school year?

We are open year ’round and observe most major holidays. Parents are furnished with a school calendar prior to each school year.