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400 East 84th Street

First Avenue between 83rd and 84th Streets

Programs Offered:


Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 6:30pm

Site Leadership:

Amy Rockwell

Associate Director:
Stephanie Seidler

Upper East Side’s top preschool program can be found at the Manhattan Schoolhouse 400 East 84th Street location.

This UES preschool location serves 3-5 year old children with our preschool program, and 4 year olds with our Universal Pre-K program.

To learn more about our preschool program, visit our preschool page and for more about Universal Pre-K visit out UPK page.

See Tuition Information

Daycare Program Tuition

400 East 84th Street

Full Time Daycare (8am-6pm):
$2,350 per month

Extended Day Daycare (8am-6:30pm):
$2,450 per month

Half Days (8am-1pm, 2:30pm-6pm):
$1,785 per month

Three Full Days (8am-6pm):
$1,785 per month

Sibling Discount: 10%
Tuition is subject to a 3% annual increase

Open tuition as pdf to print